Premium Brands

Here is list of all the different lens types and brands we carry. If you have any questions about a lens or don't see a lens listed that you think should be, please give customer service a call. We will be happy to help. 

Progressive Lenses


Varilux X 4D™, Varilux X Fit™, Varilux X Design™, Varilux S 4D™, Varilux S Fit™, Varilux S Design™, Varilux® Physio® W3+, Varilux Physio DRx™, Varilux Physio Short DRx™, Varilux Physio®, Varilux Physio Short, Varilux Comfort® W2+, Varilux Comfort DRx™, Varilux Comfort Short DRx™, Varilux Comfort®, Varilux Comfort Short™


Definity®, Definity Short™,  Definity 3, Definity 3+, Accolade®, Accolade Freedom™, Ovation, Ovation DS, Natural, Natural DS, Adaptar, Small Fit, Ideal, Ideal Short, Ideal Advanced, Ideal Advanced Wrap, Computer, Eyezen, Eyezen+


Autograph II, Autograph III, Autograph Office, Computer, Workspace, In Touch

Signet - Armorlite

KODAK Unique, KODAK Precise/Precise Short, KODAK Precise PB, KODAK Precise PB Short, KODAK Concise, KODAK Concise DS, KODAK Monitor View


Image, Adage, Nupolar

House Brands

PVP - Traditional Surfaced, Phd - Digitally Surfaced, Phd Advance - Digitally Surfaced, Phd Advance Wrap - Digitally Surfaced

AR / Coatings


Crizal® Easy UV™, Crizal® Alizé UV™, Crizal® Avancé UV™, Crizal® Prevencia®, Crizal® Sapphire 360, Xperio UV, Crizal® Sun, Crizal® Sun Mirrors, Crizal® Optifog

House Brands

Aura, Aura Breeze, Aura Backside, Sharpview


KODAK CLear, KODAK Clean & Clear


Classic, Plus, Elite


Transitions® Signature™ VII, Transitions® Vantage™, Transitions® XTRActive™, Transitions® Signature™ VII Graphite Green, Xperio Polarized, Polarized Lenses, Essilor Color Tints or Polarized, Essilor Color Lenses with Mirror, KBCO Polarized Lenses, Drivewear, CopperTone Polarized Lenses, Custom Mirror Coatings, Smart Blue Filter, Kodak Total Blue, Blu-Tech, Diamondback, TD2 Hard Coating, TD2 with Optifog


1.50 CR 39 Plastic, Polycarbonate, Trivex, 1.56 Mid-Index, 1.60 High-Index, 1.67 High-Index, 1.74 High-Index