The History of Perferx-Precision Optical

Perferx Optical

John Enright started his long and successful career in the optical industry as a lab manager for American Optical. There for close to 16 years, John decided to take a chance and open his own optical laboratory with his wife Beverly. Founded in 1974, Perferx Optical began with only 7 employees, 4 of which were family and mostly served the local community in Pittsfield, MA. After more than 20 years, thanks to John’s smart business sense and expertise, Perferx grew significantly, eventually expanding their service to Upstate NY.

By 2006, Perferx had over 50 dedicated employees and was operating in a state of the art facility. As part of his ongoing dedication to the optical profession, John was always searching for ways to improve the technology and services being offered to his clients. In 2007, Essilor of America, a leading manufacturer and wholesaler of prescription lenses in the U.S., approached John about forming a partnership that would be mutually beneficial. With access to new resources, Perferx was able to continue to grow and offer the types of advanced technology and services that their clients had come to depend on.

Precision Optical

Purchased in 1955 by Richard J. Welch and a partner, and eventually owned solely by Welch, Precision Optical is a family-run optical laboratory based in Connecticut. In business for close to 50 years, most of the companies success can be credited to Dick Welch, a Connecticut based optician, who grew Precision Optical and created a foundation of quality and service that were accelerated under his guidance and expertise. His integrity and skill were passed on to the “second generation,” who proudly continue to run a company that invests in its facility and operates with the most advanced technology.

With his passing in 2000, Richard Welch’s four daughters, Lynn, Annemarie, Maureen and Ellen assumed full ownership with brothers-in-law Daniel O’Brien and David Gauthier. By 2006, looking to further expand their offerings, Precision Optical partnered with Essilor of America. A few years later, by 2012, Precision Optical, a CT based lab and Perferx Optical, a MA based lab , under the guidance of Essilor of America, had opted to merge, creating what is known today as Perferx-Precision Optical.

The New Perferx-Precision Optical

The new Perferx-Precision Optical honors it’s founders, John Enright and Richard Welch, merging two local, family-run labs that are committed to providing quality, personalized care and expertise to their clients. With close to 100 years of combined service, Perferx-Precision Optical is a “State-of-the-Art” company with the most advanced computer aided manufacturing equipment available and is considered by many to be the best Rimless Drill Mount and Chemistrie Clip lab anywhere!

While technology and services are key to our success, ensuring that our clients are happy is also important. At Perferx-Precision, we are known for our world class customer care and employ a customer care team that works hard to meet all of our clients needs. To us, every job is unique and to ensure that nothing is missed, our clients questions are always answered in a timely manner along with any concerns they might have.

Along with top-notch customer care and quality services, our primary goal is to continue making our staff and labs accessible to our clients. With two convenient locations in Pittsfield, MA and West Hartford, CT, our doors are always open and we love visitors. So the next time you’re in the neighborhood, don’t hesitate to stop by to say hello and take a tour of our lab.

At Perferx-Precision Optical, Our Family Shares Your Vision!